Lifelines research competition

Participation in the competition is no longer possible.

Lifelines research competition

To celebrate 15 years of Lifelines, we give away one year data access to the two most exciting, innovative and multidisciplinary research proposals.

Lifelines thank the researchers for submitting their research idea! We will review all applications in November and will announce the winners in December.

Who choses the winners?

  • An internal committee led by the scientific director of Lifelines (Prof. Dr. Jochen Mierau) wil evaluate the submissions
  • The scientific advisory committee of Lifelines (SAC) will advise on the shortlist of candidates
  • The management of Lifelines will choose the two winning proposals

Main criteria

  1. A proposal should contain an original, innovative research idea which is sure to have an impact on more healthy years
  2. A proposal should make the best possible use of our wide variety in data (including questionnaires, measurements, and sample results)
  3. Multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary research has an advantage
  4. Intergenerational research has an advantage

What is our collaborative contribution to more healthy years?

  • Lifelines provides to two junior researchers a year-long access to our Lifelines data 
  • Candidates will obtain their salaries, supervision and infrastructural embedding from the research institute at which they are employed
  • Winners will be requested to give a presentation at Lifelines about their results
  • All candidates agree that photographic/video material of the awards ceremony and the winning proposals will be shared on the Lifelines media channels
November 1st 2022 Application deadline
December 15th 2022 Announcement of the winners
January 1st 2023 Start data services for winning researchers