Researchers around the world use the Lifelines data and biosample collection for their multidisciplinary research. It can also be used to gain a better understanding of big data and how to properly analyse such datasets. Do you have students that wish to explore the possibilities for research with population based datasets? Together with epidemiologists and public health researchers we developed the Lifelines public health dataset for educational purposes.

Lifelines Public Health dataset for education

The Lifelines Public Health Dataset (Lifelines PHD) is designed for educational purposes. The Lifelines PHD can be used as an introduction into the Lifelines database, to get familiar with big data, and provides an insight into the dataset and the possibilities for research. The Lifelines PHD is a SPSS data file including a selection of the data collection. Data are provided at an aggregated level to protect the privacy of the Lifelines participants.

In the database you will find a selection of our data for a subset of variables like, health conditions, (chronic) diseases, smoking behavior, diet scores, physical activity, education level, work status, quality of life:

  • aggregated by age
    The age is the current age of the Lifelines participants. This allows students to make a comparison of the health of age groups, and their characteristics.
  • aggregated by ZIP codes
    In the file are 368 ZIP codes, indicating that there are 368 neighborhoods in the study area of Lifelines. By looking at data based on the ZIP codes, students can visualize health differences on a geographical level.

The type of questions you can answer with this database are for example: (1) Is the relation between smoking and diabetes different for younger versus older adults? Or: (2) Is there a relation between BMI and smoking and how is this related to different chronic diseases? Or: (3) Is the relation between the mean BMI and rate of anxiety disorders different for men compared to women? Or: (4) Is the relation between the mean BMI and diet score different for certain areas in the region, like participants living in more rural areas or in cities?

Data services for students

We offer a special student fee for researchers who support students (bachelor or master) that would like to analyse the Lifelines dataset for a specific study aim or research question. This can be within an existing Lifelines project or the PI can apply for a new project, together with the student. 

  • New applications starting at €2 950 ex VAT
  • Student workspace user: €600,- ex VAT for 6 months data access

This student fee does not include extra data management services. It is important that the student's supervisor has access to a Workspace as well. Data services for students can also be offered per month.

How to apply for a student Workspace user

Please fill out an application or amendment form if you want to request for a student Workspace user. You can start a new application here. For the amendment form, go to step 3 on our how to apply webpage.

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