Research Community Event

Thank you very much for making this event successful. We look forward to seeing you again next year on October 10, 2024 at 13.00 - 17.30! Stay tuned for further updates on the program and event location.

Research Community Event

Building bridges with Lifelines

The aim of this community event was to strengthen the bonds between Lifelines and all our users, and to stimulate connections and collaborations between all scientists working with our data and samples. Updates about developments at Lifelines headquarters were provided at the start of the event and fellow scientists also shared their lessons learned working with Lifelines data. Afterwards, interactive workshops were facilitated by experts who have worked together with Lifelines on different topics:

  • Technological Innovation: synthetic dataset development by Lifelines
  • FAIR data stewardship: with tips and tricks for data-cleaning, data-harmonization and syntax sharing 
  • Data Linkage: practical steps for combining the Lifelines dataset with other registries like PALGA, IKNL and CBS
  • Omics-based research: hands on tips for working in gearshift and phenotypic/genetic data analysis

Event Program 2023


At this workshop we invite you to join us in exploring emerging innovations that could have an impact on your research. The workshop serves as a platform for attendees to dive into the latest developments, methodologies, and practical applications in the field of artificial intelligence. As an example, we will be presenting our results on the generation of synthetic data, which can be used for easier model development and data linkages. We’re looking forward to discussing this together and would like to learn from you how we may support you with these developments.


Bas Bolmer
Data Manager


Thijmen Kupers
Data Scientist

During this workshop we highlight our efforts in making Lifelines data FAIR and stimulate re-usage of our data. We share insights on data cleaning and data harmonisation. Also the growing amount of secondary data, variables generated by researchers cannot miss here. We are looking forward to here what kind of FAIR data stewardship examples you see for your research project. 


Lilian Peters


Eva Corpoleijn

Héctor Cadavid
Research Software Engineer
Netherlands eScience Center.

At this workshop we will be exploring research with genomics data on the Lifelines high performance cluster. We would like to share tips and tricks and discuss how you can leverage this data for your research. If you’re already using omics-data, we’re looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with working on the environment and performing your analyses. In this workshop, our focus is on practical learning, where we will be sharing insights with one another on how to leverage the potential of this data.


Ilja Nolte
Statistical Geneticist

During this workshop we talk about how combined data sources can boost your research. Linkage possibilities with cancer registries and Statistics Netherlands will be highlighted. We hope to hear from what kind of broad registry data could help to expand population based and multidisciplinary research.


Annette Gijsbers
Data Request Advisor


Melisa Castañeda
PhD Epidemiology


Patricia Ots
Strategic Advisor 
GGD Drenthe