Mental health

Mental health

Lifelines is collecting and sharing data and biosamples for more healthy years. The Lifelines data collection derives its value from its usage. Our data is available to curious researchers who make discoveries based on our data. Discoveries that have an added value from which we all benefit in terms of more healthy years.

Mental health and wellbeing

Lifelines offers a diverse dataset with information about the mental health and the many factors that may influence it. These include wellbeing, stress, personality, sleep, environmental factors, social support, physical health, hereditary factors, the microbiome and many more. To help you discover the possibilities for your research and to ignite inspiration for new projects we share some of our applications and publications that used Lifelines data from the mental health section.

Impactfull research for more healthy years

Boost you research project by using big data and start your interdisciplinary collaboration together with Lifelines. You can use available syntaxes, results, encodings and sum scores of other researchers. For quick insights into available data and metadata om mental health, secondary data and more, check out the Lifelines wiki

How to get started

Select a dataset specifically tailored to your research in the online catalogue and fill out the application form.

More options

If you want to know more about the possibilities, take a look here:

•    Share your own questions, additional measurements or small intervention studies with Lifelines participants. Additional study

•    Link Lifelines data to data from other parties, such as Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Linkage