Useful information and frequently asked questions to help you.


How to request a Lifelines service or apply for the use of data/samples? 

Researchers can apply for access to Lifelines data and/or samples, or can request a Lifelines service (e.g. data linkage or performing an additional study) by submitting a research proposal. Please find more information on the application process

Policy makers who want to know more about the possibilities to use the Lifelines data for developing health policy can contact the Lifelines Research Office for more information.

Lifelines catalogue

The online Lifelines data catalogue  comprises an overview of the data that are already available for research. When existing data is requested, a data selection should be made via our online data catalogue and submitted together with the completed application form as part of our application process. More information on all data and samples collected can be found here


Would you like to submit an amendment to an approved application? Then please download the Research Amendment Application form and send it to research@lifelines.nl. 


Lifelines is a not-for-profit organization; only the expense fee of release and linking materials and data will be charged. Please find more information on the related costs of our services and the use of our data and samples here.

Approved studies

Please find an overview of all approved (additional) studies here.

Possibilities for additional data collection

The Lifelines cohort study has an open protocol. Researchers can submit an application for an additional study. This allows them to obtain an additional questionnaire or collect additional samples among a group of participants.

Possibilities for data linkage

Researchers that want to link Lifelines data to other registries or databases can also submit an application for a data linkage request.