Lifelines provides many opportunities to boost your research


Interested in our biosample overview?

This data overview gives insight in the population based Lifelines cohort study and biobank. It provides an unique overview of available data and biosamples, and explains how to get access to the materials.

  • 167.000 participants

  • Three generations

  • 30 years

Lifelines: a unique biobank and databank

Lifelines is a large, multi-generational, prospective cohort study that includes over 167,000 participants (10%) from the northern population of the Netherlands. Through the length, size and in-depth examination we provide many excellent opportunities for studies worldwide unraveling the etiology of multifactorial diseases focusing on multifactor risk factors. Download our extensive data overview.


6 million tubes of blood

2500 kg feces

1 million answered questionnaires

Lifelines for researchers

To benefit research on healthy ageing

Our aim is to enable research to better prevent, predict, diagnose and treat diseases. This is why we generate large amounts of data for the purpose of research on complex interactions between the environmental, phenotypic and genomic factors involved in the development of (chronic) diseases. A unique feature is the possibility for researchers to collect additional data or biosamples by recalling participants and to analyse these in combination with general Lifelines data and samples.