An overview of all importing possibilities Lifelines provides


Import requests

As a researcher you can ask one of the Lifelines Data Managers to import files you need for your Lifelines project. We define three different types of import requests:

1. Importing scripts or documentation: When you have Workspace access, you cannot do this yourself, while users of the UMCG HPC environment can do their own imports. In your email to Lifelines Data Management please specify what you want to import and your Lifelines project code.

2. Importing data files: When you want to import data files (e.g. environmental data you can link yourself or data from an external database), please inform Lifelines and provide the information listed below. Please note: if you are an UMCG HPC user, please also notify Lifelines Data Management before you import data.
  - Type of data to be imported
  - Whether your dataset contains (sensitive) personal data (GDPR applies)
  - Does the data hold a right of ownership/copyright and if so, do you have permission to use it
  - Why you want to import this data (link to your research project)
  - Your Lifelines project code

3. Importing data files to be linked to your Lifelines data: You want to import data, which Lifelines Data Management has to link to your Lifelines data (e.g. using X/Y coordinates, postal code 6, home address). This is a special procedure, which requires you to fill out the Lifelines amendment form. Once this amendment form has been evaluated further details will be agreed upon.